Industries served

Financial Services

• Banking
• Lending
• Insurance
• Stockbroking
• Fintech
• Wealth Management


• Higher Education
• Edtech Businesses
• Training Centers
• Schools and K12

Buyer-Seller Marketplaces


• Hospitals
• Wellness Clinics
• Health-tech

Real Estate


• OEMs
• Dealerships

B2B Businesses

Want to know how our CRM can help your sales conversion rate?

All the tools you need for your marketing, call center, sales, and field sales teams

• Intelligent Sales CRM

Help your salespeople make the right conversations to drive closures.

• Marketing Automation

Deliver timely, personalized communication flows across channels and devices.

• Call Center Integration

Beyond right pitch at the right time - Help your call center agents build relationships.

• Mobile CRM for field Sales

Allow your field teams to put their best foot forward, productively, every single day.

• User portals

For your prospects, customers, and partners – allow easy application and referrals.

• In-depth Analytics

For all your teams, channels, locations, products, and everything else.

Sales Execution CRM

• Lead Management
• Lead Tracking – Journey & Engagement History
• Sales Management & Workflow Automation
• Mobile Call Center
• Remote Sales Solution
• Opportunity Management B2B & B2C
• Field Force Automation
• Field Force Tracker
• Field Force Reporting
• Marketing Automation
• Lead Capture via Online Lead Generation Integrations
• Lead Engagement
• Landing Pages & Dynamic Content
• Customer Portal
• Self Service Portal for Customers Prospects, Referral Partners

Sales Execution CRM

Manage all your products, teams and processes in one platform (digital, call center, or field agent driven). Never, ever miss a sales opportunity.

Field Force Automation

Automate your field team's daily tasks - plan their day, show them leads in their vicinity, automate check-ins and more

Marketing Automation

End-to-end Marketing Automation Software Make meaningful prospect conversation a standard across all channels

Self Serve Portal

Self-serve application and referral portals for your prospects, customers and partners. Tightly integrated with your LeadSquared CRM to connect sales, marketing & service teams.