Why Choose Shipsy ?

Hassle-free integration

Shipsy’s LMS and TMS can be easily integrated into any business’s ERP to look into new orders, available vehicles, and existing inventory.

User-friendly interface

All our software, including LMS, TMS, EXIM, and 3PL aggregator platform, comes up with a friendly interface that is easy to manage by anyone.

Huge client base

We provide our logistics management, transport management, and other software to the top-notch businesses, including Reliance, Zajil Express, Zenith Birla, and JayCee.

Round the clock support services

We have a specialized team of professionals to render 24*7 support services to answer the queries of our prestigious customers.


Shipsy is a trusted name in the logistics industry known for creating the OS for global trade. Our prime goal is to help businesses reduce logistics costs, improve operational efficiency, and ensure on-time deliveries by digitizing logistics and transportation operations. We understand diverse logistics and transportation-related requirements of businesses; therefore, we offer customized logistics management systems that meet their requirements perfectly.

Shipsy Logistics Management Software

Our logistics management software or system gets integrate with the existing ERP to help small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses to automate their logistics operations for smart allocation of orders, vehicle capacity utilization, mapping consignments with the right vehicles, tracking consignments in real-time, and providing end-user visibility. Here is what you get with our LMS:

Merchant panel - To raise pickups, track consignments, AWB generation, print labels, check delivery status, and view POD

Operations dashboard - To manage pickup requests, route planning, assigning consignments to the nearest hub, assign drivers, COD settlements, and keep a record of the RTO.

Driver app (available in multiple languages) - To pick up and manage orders, COD remittance calculation, upload digitized proof of delivery and view delivery preferences.

End-customer visibility - To allow customers to track orders, pin exact location, check delivery ETA, reschedule deliveries, and request for online payment.

Shipsy Transportation Management Software

We offer tailor-made transport management software to help our clients automate the route planning and optimization process, increase deliveries per vehicle, utilize the complete capacity of every vehicle, and reduce the overall transportation cost. Here is what you get with our transport management system:

Vehicle capacity utilization - For effortless and automated mapping of consignments with vehicles using the smart allocation system.

Route planning and optimization - To minimize distance, reduce fuel cost, ensure timely delivery, and mitigate market vehicles requirement.

Last-mile delivery solution - For trip creation, trip management, real-time trip tracking, and get digitized proof of delivery.

End-customer visibility - To allow customers to track orders, check estimated delivery time, select time slots for delivery, and share the delivery experience.

Shipsy EXIM

Shipsy’s EXIM helps businesses to automate their import and export operations to manage and monitor various export and import-related tasks of their shipment. Here is what you get with our EXIM:

Shipment execution - To send shipments from source to the destination.

Price procurement - To procure prices from various shipping lines for different routes.

Container tracking - To track containers in real-time.

Shipsy 3PL Aggregator Platform

Our 3PL aggregator platform is a one-stop destination to manage and monitor 3PLs for the businesses that are dealing with multiple delivery partners for the transportation of their goods to customers’ places. Here is how our third-party logistics aggregator platform offers:

Unified tracking - For automated order allocation to the right 3PL, hand over consignments after generating AWB and printing labels, and track orders in real-time.

End-user visibility - To allow customers to track consignments, reschedule deliveries, and check delivery ETA.