What is TallyPrime

Most eagerly awaited by around 2 Million Customers and over 27000 Tally Partners, Tally’s new version TallyPrime, came into being, on November 9, 2020.

It was earlier Codenamed as Tally18 & then known as Tally.ERP 9 Release 7.

It was certainly a major launch event, as Tally changed its ‘look & feel’ after almost 2 decades and name after little more than a decade.

Tally hasn’t compromised existing favorite features and USPs, but added much more.

Call us update your Tally.ERP9 to TallyPrime, for TallyPrime Training, Support, & Customizations.

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Whole New look and feel, with simpler and fresh experience

Easy Navigation

Supports Use of Mouse

New Dropdown Menu-driven interface while retaining Older Keyboard Shortcuts navigation

Revolutionary GoTo Button using a new inbuilt search option, so now No need to remember which report is where

Easily add Default Backup Path

More Comprehensive Reports

Generates Reports at Blazing Fast Speed

Directly Print Customer/Supplier Reports, No Need to go from Ledgers

Easy to Implement

Supports Multi-Tasking & Many More