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Why PromptTech ?

Highly customer friendly application, will not take much time to install and start use and helps to fully integrate business process with technology, our apps will work with or without internet connectivity. PromptTech offer great support to our users, online support in other parts.

Compatible with hardware's



PrompTech Restaurant Software

Run your cafe or restaurant efficiently. This is a Simple and efficient software to Manage Restaurant and Cafe, the App have almost all the features required to run restaurant business including POS, Kitchen inventory, KOT, waste management etc.

Improve business efficiency

PromptTech Restaurant POS software add value to your business, application have functionality's like point of sales, multiple KOT management, inventory management, tab ordering and various reports including tax reports, item, category, time wise sales report and many more useful report can be taken also customization can be done based on requirement .

PromptTech Salon software - A complete Salon Management Solutions.

PromptTech Salon Manager is a simple and user friendly software to manage Salons and Spa, App built with features like appointment tracking system, customer history, employee commission management etc.

Scale up your Dreams


The Salon Manger App includes, POS invoicing, Customer Appointment, employee wise report including services and product sales, employee commissions management, Z report, daybook, Profit and loss report, tax reports and much more features.


PromptTech Retail Software - Improve your supply chain & inventory performance

Manage Supply chain and Inventory performance, Easy to use retail software for handle operations of retail and wholesale business, It help to manage inventory, Human resource, invoicing and accounts.

Simple and user friendly

App includes credit customer tracking, credit payment, supplier management, stock handling, HR, accounts, reports includes P&L, balance sheet, ,tax reports, sales man wise report and lot of other advanced features to get better control on your business .



PromptTech Boutique Software - Improve your supply chain & inventory performance

Efficiently service customers and Improve your business with PromptTech Boutique manager, it’s very user-friendly accounting and billing software to manage Small and Medium Boutique or Tailoring Businesses with inbuilt features of customer measurement handling, tailor wise report, inventory management etc.


Improve efficiency in business

This App includes inventory management, barcode, POS, credit customer handling, supplier management, tailor management and lot of other features.


PrompTech laundry software- Easy to manage laundry business

PromptTech Laundry Manager is a simple, user friendly software to run the Laundry Businesses, quotation management, credit customer handling, contract management, barcode etc will support users to scale up the business to greater height.

Get In touch with customers

Get different experience to handle day to day operations of business, PromptTech Laundry app have added features of tax invoicing, tax reports, P&L,balance sheet, other account reports, HRM etc


PromptTech Spa Manager

This is a simple user friendly software to run the Spa business, it has the features to handle packages, employee commissions, customer appointment, basic accounts and reports etc.

Simple to understand and use

PromptTech Spa manger is very simple to understand and use, business owner have lot of useful features inbuilt in the app to run the spa business.


Grocery / Mini Mart Solution

PromptTech Grocery Manger software is a simple user friendly POS billing and accounting software Suitable for Grocery and Minimart Business, this is very easy to learn and use.

Make your business, more systematic This POS app have features to handle credit customers and settlement, stock, suppliers, barcode, tax invoice and so many useful features for the better management of grocery shop also weighing machine can be easily connected with this app .