What is Your Makan

Your Makan's end to end solution lets you manage the whole process in one place, automating many of your manual tasks. Your Makan is the All-In-One Property Management Solution. Everything You Need, To Run Your Property Like a Pro.

Your Makan is a property management system that helps you input and track your data all in one place making it easy to pull out reports, unlock insights and visualize trends. It is an indispensable system that provides value, control and peace of mind throughout the rental process and its operations. It provides perfect solution for smart landlords and property managers who recognize that happy tenants and smooth rentals go hand in hand. And as it is a cloud-based management system, it is cost effective and a scalable software designed to be effortlessly used and hence reduces administrative work. It can be customized and easily implemented and work seamlessly on all devices. No high Investment is required. Pay a monthly fee to enjoy benefits by making your operational tasks easy.


Classification of building, apartments and parking management is assigned. Manage all your Properties.


Adding of residents/tenants is managed and viewing of the details of the resident is managed in this module.

Complaint Booking

This module helps us in identifying potential issues and proactively managing complaints from users.

Building Maintenanace

You can manage preventive schedules, manage a building and its grounds.

Facility Booking

Elegant online booking and reservation system designed for scheduling and managing community facilities.

Spare Management

You can manage inventory related to the maintenance and corresponding vendor details.

Cheque Management

This module helps us in tracking the number of cheques issued for rent and to check its due dates.

Cash Management

You can manage all your finances linked with the resident, real estate and staff and generate reports too.


You can send messages and notify your tenants and staff at one go. Bulding wise broadcast.

Building Staff

You can send messages and notify your tenants and staff at one go. Bulding wise broadcast.